How to quickly learn and assimilate information

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1. In a healthy body, a healthy mind. It has been proven that people with healthy sleep (at least 7.5 hours) remember information much better. Exercise, water balance, meditation, and the use of Omega-3 acids (fatty fish like salmon) also help to better absorb information.

2. Cooperation and the external environment. Ask other people to give you a test of your knowledge of the topic. Explain to them the material you just read. The best place to study is clean, quiet and fresh, but by no means a bed, as it is associated with relaxation. A changing environment, like a café, is good for the brain.

3. Techniques:

⁃ Learning one material should not take more than 50 minutes, repeat it for a week, 2-3 days after the first reading.

⁃ Take breaks in learning so that the brain has time to process information.

Do something related to hand-eye coordination.

⁃ Write your notes by hand, not on a computer.

⁃ Compress voluminous material to 1-2 pages maximum

⁃ Link new information with the already known so that it gets into long-term memory

⁃ Emotions also allow the brain to remember information better. While learning, stimulate yourself with something pleasant, such as chocolate or watching porn

4. Concentration Learn what you can apply, or as you learn, analyze how you can use new information. Use the learning method that works best for you - experiment with yourself and determine how you perceive the material best.

Fast learning is a great competitive advantage.