We sweep our electronic traces

In continuation of the article on digital traces, we talk about how to "cut out of the Internet", that is, cover up your electronic traces as much as possible.

1.First, of course, we say goodbye to all friends and family in social networks by deleting our profiles. There is nothing complicated in this, as well as super scary pitfalls, the only thing you need to consider is that the removal can take a couple of weeks, and also remember which of your friends could tag you in the photo and politely ask for removal. Then we remember where else we registered, you can look at the Safari keyset. These accounts must suffer the same fate. https://www.accountkiller.com/en/All - may come in handy when searching.

2.Unfortunately, deleting profiles is not a panacea, since a lot of your data floats in search engines and you need to somehow get them out of there. The only way to do this is a direct request to the sites where your data was lit up with a request to delete it. You can also go to Google itself and use its special services for editing search queries.

3.Change all your nicknames on the sites, through nicknames hackers can go to your real name

4. Delete all emails, and if you are not ready, then refuse any mailings.

5. Throw the phone into the nearest river and trample the SIM card (required), if there are pets, then it is better to burn them as they can lead to you by smell. (joke)

In principle, everything that you found on most of the links, after performing these actions, you are a real anonymous, the main thing is to remember about secrecy.