"Boyan" cat walked 70 km in search of owners (Interesting story)

Cat "Boyan" covered 70 km in search of owners - this is the name of an interesting story in which a domestic cat named Boyan living in the Krasnoyarsk Territory traveled more than 70 km, looking for his owners who have moved to a new place of residence. more than three months. During this time, he not only was able to independently walk the distance between the two cities, but also found the owners.

The owner of the cat, Sergei Minskikh, told about this unusual case. According to him, before his move, he and his family lived in Divnogorsk near Krasnoyarsk. Circumstances developed in such a way that the family had to move to Sosnovoborsk. “We got together, packed things, loaded them into the car, and no one noticed how the cat was lost. They searched for him for a long time, but could not find him. The children were very upset, the cat was a favorite, he lived in the house for five years, ”said Sergei Minskikh.

Imagine the surprise of the Minsky family when, three months later, the lost pet showed up in the owners' apartment - on the fourth floor of a residential building. “Thin, haggard, but so dear, ” the owners exclaim.

“How he walked so many kilometers, and even found this particular apartment, is still amazed. The whole family is now happy, neighbors often come to see the traveler. Only I began to notice that Boyan is now not a step beyond the threshold - he is afraid, ”said the owner of the cat-traveler.