Fragile gifts - an interesting article with meaning

Fragile Gifts - an interesting article with the meaning of being taught by an old sage. Now let's move on to the article itself:

Somehow an old wise man came to one village and stayed to live. He loved children and spent a lot of time with them. He also loved to give them gifts, but gave only fragile things. No matter how hard the children tried to be neat, their new toys often broke. The children were upset and cried bitterly. Some time passed, the sage again gave them toys, but even more fragile.

One day his parents could not stand it and came to him:

- You are wise and wish our children only the best. But why are you giving them such gifts? They try as best they can, but the toys still break and the children cry. But the toys are so beautiful that it is impossible not to play with them.

“It will take quite a few years, ” the elder smiled, “and someone will give them his heart. Maybe this will teach them how to handle this priceless gift at least a little.