In pursuit of a dream - an interesting cautionary tale

In pursuit of a dream is an interesting cautionary tale in which one young man really wanted to know what was on the horizon. And he went to catch up with him. He walked, walked, and the horizon kept farther away. The guy quickened his pace, and the horizon began to recede faster. He ran, but the horizon was also running ahead. He got on the train and went faster, but to no avail. Sailed on a ship, but the horizon remained the same inaccessible.

It seemed to him that some amazing and unsolved mystery was hidden in the horizon. Along the way, he met smart people, comprehended many secrets, but did not approach the horizon even a step.

“Why are you wasting your time and energy, ” people told him. - The horizon has not yet obeyed anyone ...

But the guy did not listen to anyone and stubbornly walked forward. Years have passed. Having gone around the whole earth, the man returned to the place from which he began his journey. I stopped on a hillock where I played as a child. It was from here that he first saw the horizon. And finally I realized: the horizon is everywhere! He's everywhere! At every step.

He closed his eyes and smiled. Now he clearly understood that everything extraordinary and beautiful was always there. But has he really gone all the way in vain, and wasted time?

“No, of course not, ” he answered his own question. - After all, if I had been sitting all this time, I would not understand anything!