A real story about a married couple (Read everyone !!!)

A real story about a married couple - Read to everyone, as each of them loves to wind up something superfluous in himself that is not true, and having made a hasty conclusion, you can lose everything. This story can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, age and environment. So we appreciate what is dear and do not give doubts to destroy everything - this is my little advice ...

And now the story itself in support of the words:

Dear wife!

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I am leaving you forever. I was a good man and a loving husband for seven years, and received nothing in return ...

The last two weeks have been especially dire. The last straw was a call from your boss, who said that you quit your job. Last week you came home and didn't even notice that I had a new haircut, cooked your favorite meal for dinner, and even put on brand new silk panties. You ate in two minutes, watched all your soap operas and went straight to bed. I haven't heard you say that you love me for a long time; you don't want to do anything that brings husband and wife together. Either you are dating someone else, or you have stopped loving me. Whatever it is, I'm leaving.


P.S. And don't even try to find me. Your sister and I have moved to West Virginia for good! Happy to stay.

Dear ex-husband!

For a long time nothing made me so happy as your letter. Indeed, we have been married for seven years, although you are so far from a good man. I watch soap operas to stifle your constant nagging. However, lately this does not help either. I NOTICE your new haircut last week, but all I wanted to say was "You look just like a woman!" Since my mother taught me to say only good things or to keep silent, I preferred the latter. And when you cooked my favorite dish, you probably confused me with my sister, because I have not eaten pork for seven years.

Speaking of the new silk panties: I turned my back because they still had a $ 49.99 price tag; maybe just coincidentally my sister borrowed 50 bucks from me that morning. Nevertheless, I still loved you, and I thought that we could get along. So when I won the $ 10 million lottery, I quit my job and bought two tickets to Jamaica. But when I came home, I found that you had left. Well, probably nothing happens just like that.

Hope you will be happy in your new life. My lawyer said that thanks to your letter, you will not be able to get a dime out of me. So good luck!

Your ex-wife, rich and free!

P.S. I don't know if I ever told you this, but my sister Karla was Karl at birth ...

Have a nice day!

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