A touching story of an old man

A touching story of one old man, read in more detail below:

There was one man who avoided marriage all his life, and when he was dying at the age of ninety, someone asked him:

“You never got married, but you never said why. Now, on the verge of death, satisfy our curiosity. If there is any secret, even now reveal it - after all, you are dying, leaving this world. Even if your secret is found out, it won't hurt you.

The old man replied:

- Yes, I keep one secret. Not that I was against marriage, but I have always looked for the perfect woman. I spent all the time looking, and so my life flew by.

- But really, on the entire huge planet inhabited by millions of people, half of whom are women, you could not find one single ideal woman?

A tear rolled down the dying old man's cheek. He replied:

- No, I did find one.

The questioner was completely bewildered.

- Then what happened, why didn't you get married?

And the old man replied:

- That woman was looking for the perfect man ...