Real story. Wheels with strawberries)))

True story. Wheels with strawberries))) An eyewitness says: I am sitting and waiting for the wheel to be repaired. Drives up to the Infinity tire service with a flat tire, the whole glamorous kiso - blonde comes out of it.

So they say and so, here's a wheel, need to be repaired. The guys take off the wheel as it should be repaired and during the trip one asks: how to pump up the wheels?

Kiso: - What is there?

At that moment, Petrosyan apparently woke up in the guy, and he says: - Well, air with different tastes: peach, strawberry.

The whole tire service begins to giggle, everyone does their own thing, but the ears are already turned to the girl.

Kiso: - How much does it cost?

Guy: 800 rubles. all wheels. All those present are already barely restraining themselves so as not to laugh out loud.

Kiso: okay, me with strawberries.

The tire service is dying, everyone is tearing up, the people are trying to restrain themselves, it doesn't work ... The wheels are pumped up with “strawberries”. Kiso, without a shadow of a smile, counts out the money and leaves.

Everyone is crying.

Then again an eyewitness: and it was necessary to get so that in a couple of days I was at the same editing. The same Infinity drives up, a solid man comes out of him, and asks:

- Two days ago, did you make a wheel on this car?

The boys squeezed into the cracks.

- Who made the wheel on this car two days ago?

Well, everyone will be punished right now, but you have to confess. The owner comes out and modestly, guiltily:

- Well ... yes ... my guys did ...

Man: So ​​you pumped strawberries into my wife's wheels?

Master: Well ... this is ... mmm ...

Man: Take a thousand rubles!

Master: a ...

Man: I haven't slept for three days - laugh, I told all the boys, everyone is just lying around.

P.S I would throw it myself on the guys that they had so much fun