A beautiful woman, who is she? (Interesting Parable)

A beautiful woman, who is she? - an interesting Parable in which when God created a woman, he worked late on the sixth day. An angel, passing by, said: "Why are you working on it for so long?"

And the Lord answered: “Have you seen all those parameters, according to which I have to create it?

“It should be washable, but not made of plastic, it should have more than 200 moving parts, and all of them should be replaceable, it should function on any food, be able to hug several children at the same time, heal everything with its hug - from a bruised knee to a broken heart, and she must do it all with just one pair of hands. "

The angel was amazed.

“Just one pair of hands… impossible!

And this is the standard model ?!

Too much work for one day ... leave it, you will finish it tomorrow. "

“No, ” said the Lord. "I am so close to completing this creation, which will become my favorite."

"She heals herself if she gets sick and can work 18 hours a day."

The angel came closer and touched the woman.

"But, Lord, you made her so tender."

“Yes, she is gentle, ” the Lord said, “but I also made her strong. You can't even imagine what she is able to endure and overcome. "

"Can she think?" The angel asked.

The Lord replied: "She knows how not only to think, but also to convince and negotiate."

The angel touched a woman's cheek ...

“Lord, it looks like this creation is leaking! You have put too many burdens on her. "

“It doesn’t leak… it’s a tear, ” the Lord corrected the angel.

"And what is this for?" The angel asked.

And the Lord said:

"With tears, she expresses her grief, doubt, love, loneliness, suffering and joy."

The angel was extremely impressed by this: “Lord, you are a genius. You thought of everything. The woman is truly an amazing creation! "

And indeed it is!

There is a strength in a woman that amazes a man. She can cope with adversity and endure the hardships of life.

She brings happiness, love and understanding.

She smiles when she wants to scream, sings when she wants to cry.

She cries when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid.

She fights for what she believes in.

Rebelling against injustice.

Doesn't accept rejection when he sees the best solution.

She gives all of herself for the good of the family.

Leads a friend to the doctor if she is afraid.

A woman's love is unconditional.

She cries with joy for her children.

Rejoices at the success of friends.

Touched by the birth of a child and the wedding.

Her heart breaks with grief when relatives or friends die.

But she finds the strength to continue living.

She knows that kissing and hugging can heal a broken heart.

She has only one drawback:

She forgets about her merits ...