Tremble, traitors: the story of the famous Chinese "mistress killer"

If you know a guy who is cheating on his wife, be sure to tell him about the Chinese woman Zhang Yufen, better known in her homeland as the "mistress killer."

In fact, Zhang did not kill anyone, although for more than 10 years she has been tracking down women who have connected with married men and giving them a good thrashing in front of an amazed audience.

When I first read the newspaper headlines about Zhang (not to mention her photographs), I was horrified.

Of course, I thought, no one approves of the very fact of adultery (except, perhaps, the traitors themselves), but why blame all the blame on mistresses, leaving men unpunished?

As it turns out, public humiliation of mistresses is only part of Zhang's struggle for justice.

The so-called “mistress killer” also runs a shelter for women abandoned by their husbands.

To top it off, she helps women collect dirt on their unfaithful husbands so that during a divorce, all their unseemly secrets surfaced.

Chinese society, it must be said, ardently supports Zhang in her "righteous struggle."

It is not hard to guess that Zhang herself was once left by her lascivious husband.

She turned the life of an unfaithful spouse and his mistress into a real hell and made sure that everyone in the area knew about the fact of treason.

Now, for some, Zhang appears to be a fearless superheroine, for others - an obsessed maniac.

Zhang is seriously convinced that if a woman does not beat her rival, she can become seriously ill.

“A woman who doesn't dare to hit her husband’s mistress can develop serious illness including esophageal cancer, uterine cancer or lung cancer, ” she says.

With the rapidly growing number of divorces in China every day, Zheng will have to somehow curb her righteous anger, or sooner or later she will go to jail for trying to beat up almost every single woman she meets on the street.