The Parable of the Nails (Interesting Story)

An interesting parable about nails: Once upon a time there was one very hot-tempered and unrestrained young man. And once his father gave him a bag of nails and told him every time, when he didn’t hold back his nest, to drive one nail into the fence column.

On the first day, there were several dozen nails in the column. In the next week, he learned to restrain his anger, and every day the number of those who were driven into the pillar of guards began to diminish. The young man realized that it is easier to control his tempo than to drive in nails.

The end came the day when he never lost his self-control. He told his father about this, and he said that this time every day, when the son manages to restrain himself, he can pull one nail out of the pillar.

Time passed, and the day came when he could tell his father that there was not a single guard left in the column. Then the father took his son by the hand and led him to the training:

- You did not get it right, but do you see how many holes there are in the pillar? He will never be the same as before. When you say something evil to a person, he has the same scar as these holes. And it doesn't matter how many times after that you apologize - the scar will remain.