Socrates' answer is to the question: is it worth, they say, to marry or not?

A young man asked Socrates for advice - is it worth, they say, to marry or not? I must say, he knew who to turn to with such a question. Guess, however, was not difficult, because Socrates was terribly unlucky in family life. His wife, Xantippa, was one of the worst wives in history. She simply tormented Socrates: now and then she sawed, held under her heel, threw everyone at him.

Once she splashed tea in his face, and Socrates had a burn mark for the rest of his life. In general, that young man found the most suitable person - Socrates certainly knew the answer. And Socrates replied: "Marry, of course. If you get a good wife, you will be happy, and if you are not lucky, you will become a philosopher ..."