The story of a shepherd named Weiss

A man with a German long-haired shepherd named Weiss came to our clinic. The unearthly beauty of the dog, exceptional intelligence. The dog was brought up as a war machine, unquestioning, an excellent defender of the owner and a very gentle and affectionate dog. To say that we all loved Vasya is to say nothing. We adored him. The owner carefully monitored his health and, in general, we saw him quite often. Either the ear hurts, then the eyes, claws cut, the vaccine is put. Or they just came to visit for a treat.

And he had an interesting habit: when he was given an injection or had unpleasant procedures, he carefully took the doctor's or owner's trousers with his teeth and closed his eyes - he endured. But at the age of 14, Weiss was diagnosed with cancer. For almost 2 years, all our staff and the owner Vasya fought every day with the overtaken illness, and every day he would take a trouser leg, then a sleeve, then the lower part of his shirt in his teeth and still close his eyes. But cancer is cancer ... Sooner or later, it takes over and wins.

6:00 call

- Vasya no longer gets up and howls, rolling his eyes.

I hear his howl in the receiver. I am sending a colleague to their house. Droppers, pain relievers, blood tests.

The colleague returns pale and in tears. We give analyzes to the laboratory. After 2 hours we get the result. Vasya has very little time left.

18:00 again call and a long conversation with the owner.

- I can no longer watch him suffer, howling in pain. The injections were enough for an hour, and he slept, but now he continues to howl. I'll bring him to sleep with you.

I tell the owner that I’m waiting for them, hang up and start crying, my partner also roars. The owner comes with his wife, they carry Weiss in their arms, I can't stand the sight of a once huge, powerful handsome man who has turned into a skeleton. The owners ask permission not to be present at the euthanasia and go out into the street, waiting for our invitation. All Vasya's organs refused, only a strong dog's heart continued to stubbornly pump blood through the body. We put intravenous anesthesia and he falls asleep, having stopped howling, and the convulsion also goes away. Another dose of anesthesia and the heart submissively surrenders. Weiss sighs heavily and this sigh becomes the last.

- Everything - I say to my partner. We both cry. We wipe the snot and cry again. I go to call the owner and see him as a stern man who went through a 15-year-long life side by side with a friend who fought for his life every minute, sitting by the porch and crying out loud. I say that Vasya was not hurt, that he just fell asleep and other condolences and all through tears and snot. The owner thanks us for being with Vasya at this difficult moment. He cursed himself for not being able to be with him to the end and watch his death. He takes Weiss, wrapping him in a blanket, and leaves.

Several weeks pass. A young couple arrives with a 2-month-old German Shepherd puppy for vaccination. The boy is very scared. I go up to hold him and calm him down, while a colleague is injecting and here, the puppy grabs my sleeve with his teeth and squeezes his eyes tight, not even squeaking for the injection. I start to cry.

- Hi, Vaska. I missed.