The history of pilots during World War II in the skies over the English Channel

This story took place at the end of World War II in the skies over the English Channel. The allied B-17, beaten and badly damaged, was hardly pulling towards England.

The plane was literally riddled with holes in the hull.

But the worst thing is that the plane was alone and the onboard gunners did not have ammunition, since the entire BC was shot in attempts to fight off the Luftwaffe.

And when it seemed that the worst was over, suddenly, right from above, Messerschmitt 109 fell on the wounded bomber.

The shooters could only grit their teeth and direct the barrels of the machine guns towards the fighter, feeling their helplessness.

Messerschmitt, as if I feel my impunity, walked slowly along the left side of the bomber, and then rolled over the wing, walked along the right side.

The crew literally saw a predatory, lean body and a spotted body literally at their outstretched arm, and two barrels of Messer's air cannons attracted gazes.

The pilot of Messer could be seen carefully studying the bomber.

Messerschmitt went into the tail of the bomber and walked a few seconds behind, which seemed like an eternity to the crew of the bomber.

The Messer pilot saw that the Allied plane was wobbling from one side to the other, one engine did not work, part of the plumage was missing and the wounded appearance of the plane raised doubts that the plane itself would reach its airfield.

And here...

Once again, passing along the bomber, Messerschmitt hung in front of him at a distance of several meters and swinging his wings several times goodbye, Messer rolled off towards the coast.

Even in war, it is always important to remain human and not lose the qualities that make us human.