Jack London's success story

John Griffith Cheney was born on January 12, 1876 in the United States. His mother was special, very strange - she was distinguished by stubbornness, self-will and was fond of spiritualism. From his father, a wandering astrologer and polygamist, the future writer inherited a sharp mind and a thirst for adventure.

When he was 8 months old, his mother married John London, a veteran of the US Civil War. Since then, the boy began to be called John London (Jack is a diminutive form of this name, which later became a creative pseudonym).

Jack London's childhood was not easy: from the age of 10 he had to sell newspapers on the streets. He got up at 3 in the morning to have time to do his job, then went to school, and after the end of school he again went to distribute newspapers.

Despite the need to work, the boy became addicted to reading from an early age. He especially liked books about adventure and discovery.

His second passion was the sea. Jack often visited the port, listening to the stories of sailors, and even moonlighted at the yacht club, grabbing for any job.

At the age of 13, he graduated from school, bought a boat with deferred funds and since then disappeared for hours at sea, where he fished and read.

However, by the age of 15, these joys disappeared from his life. As the family got worse, Jack had to go to work in a cannery, where wages were extremely low, working conditions were terrible, and injuries were considered common.

Mechanical work was tiring and dull The success story of Jack London, the poet soon began to hiccup Jack other earning opportunities.

In those days, illegal oyster mining flourished in San Francisco, where Jack's family lived. It was a dangerous business, but if you were successful, you could earn much more than in a factory. So after borrowing $ 300, Jack bought a sloop and became the youngest "oyster pirate."

He was making good money, but that time was a period of self-destruction of the future writer. Endless drinking bouts, fights, night raids ... Almost all the money earned was spent on this riotous life. Perhaps Jack would have died in some kind of fight, but in the end he came to his senses and hired a ship that was engaged in hunting for fur seals.

During the few months that he spent at sea, Jack matured, matured and returned home full of energy. However, upon his return, life returned to its normal course, and the young man again had to go to work in a factory.

Over time, depression began to overcome him, And Jack disappeared for hours in the port. However, a new turn took place in his fate.

At 19, Jack London entered high school, and then, thanks to his perseverance, passed the exams and entered the mechanical department at Berkeley. However, he did not study there for long - due to a lack of funds, he had to quit his studies. Hard physical labor awaited Jack again.

Jack London's Success Story At the age of 22, he began to write stories and stories and sent them to all kinds of newspapers and magazines, but from there they were invariably returned. But Jack did not back down and within six months his first story was published. Thus began Jack London's dizzying rise as a writer.

His works became popular, and this began to bring him tangible material income. Jack began to move from one house to another, more respectable, and generally lived in grand style. He enjoyed the comfort that money gave him. I enjoyed in the way that only one who fully understood what need is can do.

In one of his letters, Jack wrote: "I love the pleasant feeling that comes from well-tailored clothes."

During his literary life, J. London wrote 200 stories, 20 novels, 3 plays and earned about a million dollars. However, behind this figure hides hard labor, since even at the beginning of his career as a writer, he made it a rule for himself to write at least 1000 lines a day and always strictly followed it.

The writer Jack London did not live long - only 40 years, but he managed to fulfill his dream. Purposefulness, perseverance, courage and unchanging love for life - this is what helped him in the end to achieve what he wanted.