Why do some children become ugly?

They sent their child to the garden in the fall. The kindergarten has just been commissioned. It has a swimming pool, modern music class, brand new toys. Most of all, I was afraid that some kind of caregivers who do not care or caregivers who hate children would come across. But the educators also turned out to be wonderful. It's just not a group in kindergarten, but some kind of paradise. This is what I thought for the first two months. If not for one such detailed But!

Why do some children become ugly? kindergarten, stories, history, story about children, mommy, yazhmat

In the group with my daughter there was a real inadequate boy.

Among other mothers and children, he received the nickname Bully. But the little scumbag's antics were faintly reflected in such a neutral word. He should have been called a geek or a scumbag, if he had not been only 4 years old. He could easily deliberately spoil another child's toy, he could cut another child's finger with scissors, pulled the girls' braids and constantly fought with the boys.

Educators should not raise a hand to children, so as a punishment, the boy spent most of the time in the common room on the bed, all alone.

I didn’t think I could hate the child, but this boy I just hated with fierce hatred. I wanted to really hurt him. But as soon as I met Artemy's mother, my opinion about the boy completely changed. His mom didn't give a damn about the baby. It was clear that she lives in a high, and the child is like a free application. Run out onto the road? Spit! Climbed into a puddle and walks with wet feet? Also spit. But she didn’t give a damn about tattoos, brand new jeans, a purse, a haircut. She paid special attention to this.

Only now I realized that Artemy had developed a certain protective mechanism. He tries to hurt everyone around him, and may draw attention to himself.

Now I want to hurt Artemy's mother, not the boy himself, because she has already ruined his life.