Stories of people who have experienced the incredible

Marianne Williamson, in her book Return to Love, said that a person's deepest fear lies not in the realization of their own powerlessness, but in the awareness of power beyond all measure. This statement seems plausible when applied to situations where people have no choice between life and death. Every day, tens of thousands of terrible tragedies happen all over the world, but there are still survivors in them. Miraculously saved men and women do not differ at all in their supernormal abilities from ordinary people.

Some people who have experienced the impossible themselves cannot find a logical explanation for what happened. Others give thanks for the miraculous salvation of providence or the quickness of their own thinking. One way or another, the experience of these amazing people makes you think about a lot. In this post, we will acquaint you with a list of 10 people who should not have survived, but did so.

Robert Evans: survived 2 accidents in 7 hours

Those who survived traffic accidents once already have to thank fate. Our first hero had to go through this twice in a short period of time. In September 2008, late at night, he rode his bike through the streets of his hometown in Colorado. A passing motorist knocked over Robert and fled the scene. The Boulder resident ended up in a local hospital, where no serious injuries were revealed during the examination, so Evans was soon released home. On the way back, the unlucky man decided to take a shortcut from the hospital, which seemed too long. Crossing a narrow railway bridge, he was hit by an oncoming train and sent back to the same hospital. And although both accidents were without injury, the whole situation looks very instructive.

Roy Sullivan: 7 times struck by lightning

"Achievement" of our next hero was placed in the Guinness Book of Records. Roy Sullivan is the only person in the world to have survived lightning strikes 7 times. He told about each of the cases and died at the age of 71 from an incident that had nothing to do with this natural phenomenon. It is incredible, but the man managed to die from gunshot wounds inflicted on himself through negligence. Roy worked as a forester, and it remains unclear how he managed to attract lightning strikes. All the shocks of the electric discharge fell on different parts of the body: on the fingers, on the shoulder, on the ankle, in the stomach and in the chest. Twice the man was saved by a headdress, once his eyebrows were burned. Sometimes he lost consciousness from a lightning strike, and the last case had the most dire consequences. All of these incidents occurred between 1942 and 1977.

Aaron Rolston: cut off his arm to free himself from the stone rubble

In 2003, in one of his ascents in Blue John Canyon, Utah, extreme Aaron Rolston fell under a blockage. He could not get out of the crevice, as his right forearm was crushed by a huge boulder. He was stuck in place and for 127 hours was trapped with scanty supplies of food and water and no means of communication with the outside world. Being with a courageous climber, a blunt folding knife became a way out of this situation. Aaron had to amputate his arm to get out of the stone trap. But even after his release, he took great risks, because the path down from the canyon ran over a cliff with a height of 65 pounds. This incredible story of courage formed the basis of the acclaimed film "127 Hours", where the wonderful James Franco played the main character.

Harrison Okene: spent 3 days on a wreck without an oxygen tank

The disaster that occurred in May 2013 could have served as the script for another thriller. The vessel on which Harrison Okene served as cook was shipwrecked off the coast of Nigeria. At the time of the disaster, the man was trapped in the hold, which ultimately saved him. All crew members, except Okene, were killed. Our next hero survived in an overturned ship that went under water, where he remained for 3 days in conditions of terrible overloads, with a rapidly decreasing air supply, in pitch darkness and cold. The fact that the Okene trap preserved airspace puzzled the rescuers who arrived to lift the bodies of the dead from the rubble.

Peter Skolberg: Trapped in the snow for two months

How much time do you think you would personally be able to spend trapped in your own car? Even being in endless traffic jams on the way to work already seems to be a nightmare, let alone the situation in which the Swede Peter Skolberg found himself. The man got stuck off-road under snow blockages and spent two whole months without food or water in extremely low temperatures. A man who spent so long time in the back seat of his own car was saved from death by the snow layer, which acts as a kind of blanket and insulation from low air temperatures.

Matthew Allen: spent 9 weeks in the Australian outback in incredible heat

Death can occur both from cold and from overheating in unbearable heat. However, 18-year-old Australian teenager Matthew Allen was lucky. It is believed that higher powers do not subject mentally retarded people to punishment, namely, Matthew's relatives ranked as such. At the very peak of the Australian heat, the young man ran away from home without a means of communication, a change of underwear. Thus, our next hero wanted to test his own strength and endurance. For 9 weeks, Matthew's family and neighbors were looking for a young man around. However, tourists found him, weak, emaciated, completely bitten by mosquitoes and leeches, with gangrene on his legs. It remains only to be amazed how the young man managed to spend such an impressive length of time in the wild heat on the grass.

Unidentified climber from Great Britain: escaped from an avalanche

The name of the next "lucky man" remained unknown. This person has overcome the test that falls to the lot of only the most courageous extreme lovers. While climbing Mont Blanc, which is known among climbers as one of the most dangerous peaks, an unknown Briton and two more climbers discovered the approach of a huge snow avalanche. And if two climbers managed to get out of the danger zone, then our next hero was out of luck. Every year the mountains claim about a hundred lives with them, and this person was destined to become a part of statistics. However, the brave Briton escaped death thanks to an unbending will, tenacious reaction and a sharp mind. As soon as snow and ice carried him down the 700-meter slope, the climber made every effort to stay “afloat” and not go to great depths. At the very moment when the snow lava died out, the man was still close to the surface. He just got out of the snow and went home.

Four-month-old Japanese baby miraculously survives earthquake and tsunami

The last earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan claimed thousands of lives. This has become the most destructive natural disaster in recent years. When rescuers were working to find people buried alive under the rubble of residential buildings carried away by the tsunami, they more and more often stumbled upon lifeless bodies, but did not lose hope for a miracle. Three days after the disaster, a shrill scream of children sounded from under a pile of rubbish. Imagine the surprise of the rescuers when, under the rubble, they found a safe and sound four-month-old baby. Apparently, this baby was born, as they say, in a shirt.

Reshma Begum: spent 17 days under the rubble of a garment factory

April 2013 was a fateful day for workers in a garment factory in Bangladesh. Thousands have died in the largest sewing accident in history. The building collapsed so quickly that people had no chance of evacuating. Reshma Begum, 19, worked on the third floor of the building and miraculously survived. She spent 17 days under the rubble before rescuers got to her.

Lance corporal Matthew Croucher: rescued fellow soldiers by throwing himself on a grenade

If the enemy throws a grenade in battle, the chances of survival are zero. However, the story of Corporal Matthew Croucher symbolizes dedication and courage. At the moment when a soldier of British troops in Afghanistan in 2008 accidentally tripped over the grenade drive and activated the mechanism, he had to quickly orient himself in order to save his colleagues. The 24-year-old corporal rushed to cover the explosion with his body with a loud cry of "grenade!" Amazingly, the duffel bag caught between the body and the explosives took most of the blow. The shrapnel did not tear the soldier apart, but simply threw it into the air. Apart from concussion and nosebleeds, the corporal was not found to have any injuries. For this feat, the brave hero was awarded the St. George Cross - the highest award for bravery.