Stas Mikhailov. On the strings of a woman's soul

What they say about Stas Mikhailov: that he hypnotizes the audience, that his songs have a “twenty-fifth frame” that makes you listen to them again and again ... The performer himself explains his enchanting success simply: “I sincerely sing about what I have experienced.”

For the first time, Stas picked up a guitar at the age of 13 - he wanted to look like a tough guy, to impress his classmates. Then he did not really succeed, but today millions of fans are ready to carry the artist in their arms.

To play the guitar, as well as many other things, the future singer was taught by his elder brother Valery. For Stas, he was an indisputable authority: an athlete, a motorcycle racer, a thunderstorm of the area. My brother chose the same profession as his father's - he became a pilot.

After school, Stas also went to flight school - he just did not know where else to go. He wanted to study music, but his parents said: you need to get a normal profession. Seven months later, he dropped out of college and went into the army - he realized that this specialty was completely unsuitable for him as a humanities student. After the army was at a crossroads. My brother said: take a rest, think, there is nowhere to rush.

And one morning the terrible news came: Valery crashed in a helicopter. Stas was shocked. He saw how his parents grew old one day from grief, felt that he was left alone, without support, that now he was responsible for his family, for his brother's daughter. After the tragedy, my father could not fly and left the service. And Stas pulled himself together and began to look for sources of income - at first he worked as a loader, then they took him to a recording booth, and later opened his own video rental.

He did not forget about his passion for music, quite the opposite. It was during that difficult period that Stas began to write his own songs.

In his native Sochi, an aspiring singer could count on only one venue - restaurants. At first, Mikhailov was reluctantly invited, but gradually listeners appeared, the first connoisseurs of his songs. Stas put aside most of the money he earned - he saved up for recording an album in the studio.

In the early 1990s, Mikhailov traveled to Moscow several times - he recorded one song at a time until he collected a collection. And in 1994 he decided: it's time to show it to people. I recorded a whole box of cassettes, took them to clubs, restaurants and production centers. Most of the recordings ended up in the trash can, but listened to did not find a response. He was directly told: "Go home, your music is not needed here."

The next time Mikhailov went to conquer the capital in the early 2000s. Neither friends, nor relatives, nor his wife, Inna, believed that he would achieve anything. At first, she supported him, but over the years of hardship, her hopes for a better future melted away. When the couple had a son, Nikita, Inna put the question bluntly: either her husband is looking for a normal job, or a divorce.

Stas never endured pressure and ultimatums: he believed that as a man he had the right to independently decide how to build his life. He had no doubt that success was just around the corner, just a little bit left. And so it happened. Soon after Inna and her son returned to Sochi, the song "Without You" sounded on the radio for the first time.

Stas missed his son very much, it was possible to see him infrequently. Inna was offended and refused to meet him. Only a few years later they were able to peacefully resolve all issues.

The second time Stas became a father in 2005 - then his daughter Dasha was born. He had a short affair with the vocalist of his group Natalia Zotova, the cousin of the singer Valeria. The girl became pregnant, decided to leave the child, but she was not going to marry Stas - by that time she had already realized that they were too different.

Glory did not fall on the singer overnight: he went to her for many years, and the appearance of the song "Without You" on the air was only the first step. In 2006, the first solo concert took place, in 2008 there were already dozens of them, then more. Today the schedule of his performances is scheduled for months in advance.

What is the secret of Stas Mikhailov's songs, which are scolded by critics, but adored by women of all ages? Probably in sincerity and sincerity, in the depth that lies behind the external simplicity, in the melodies that catch the heart. And also - in the heartfelt words that every representative of the weaker sex dreams of hearing from a man.

Mikhailov does not hide the fact that he devotes most of the songs to his beloved wife. Once their chance meeting changed his whole life. Inna Kanchelskis came to one of his first concerts, then they met at a restaurant. A spark ran between them at first sight, but there was no particular romance. Inna was then going through a difficult divorce, and Stas, who had experienced many love disappointments, also did not feel like a quivering Romeo. He just understood: this is his woman.

Stas was not embarrassed that Inna had two children from her first marriage, but when he found out that she was married to a famous football player and spent several years in England, he tensed a little. He brought Inna to his sparsely furnished “odnushka” and said: “This is how I live. If you are ready to share such a life with me, we will be together. " Inna replied: "Ready", and he realized that his heart was not mistaken.

They became close quickly, without long courtship, as if they had known each other all their lives. Their romantic period began when it ends for ordinary couples. And after ten years of living together, Stas can do something crazy to please his beloved - give 501 roses, secretly plan an unforgettable trip or ... write another song.

Stas Mikhailov and Inna Kanchelskis have been together for over 10 years, they had two charming daughters, Ivanna and Maria. “I do not divide children into 'mine' and 'not mine', ” says the singer. He likes to be a father of six children, and the time when the whole family gathers under one roof is the happiest for him. In upbringing, he tries to follow the example of his parents: no pampering and whims, moderate severity and endless love.

After concerts, at which Stas emotionally gives everything two hundred percent, he prefers to relax at home: he does not want neither travel nor social life. In his spare time he often spends time with a book - since childhood he loves science fiction, especially the Strugatskys, adores Bulgakov. For some time now, every day he reads a chapter from the Gospel, so as not to forget about the soul during the daily rush.

An artist cannot afford to be in bad shape. His morning starts with a jog, the gym is a must in the afternoon; he tries to eat in moderation and right. A flock of Mikhailov lives according to a strict schedule, and he is completely satisfied with this. He is sure: you need to keep yourself in tight-knit gloves, not to relax and not rest on your laurels.

One of the side effects of popularity is the constant attention of the public and the yellow press, which often pours out streams of negativity on him. The flock has long made it a rule not to read anything about himself - neither good nor bad. But the wife cannot resist, so she is often upset, and sometimes my mother has to drink validol. To those who claim that there are only a couple of primitive songs in his repertoire, the artist says: “Come to my concert! You will see everything for yourself. "

Stas Mikhailov is sure: if fame fell upon him at the age of 20, he would simply “burn out”. The fact that he had to write on the desk for so long and overcome many obstacles hardened him, laid the foundation for success. He appreciates everything that he has, and considers the audience's love to be his main wealth: "People need my songs - this is real happiness."