Indifferent ...

I was driving home with my wife and two junior members of the pride.

We got stuck in a traffic jam due to the blocking of the street and the establishment of a bypass road.

In general, trudging in a traffic jam slowly, there is an air conditioner, music is playing, we do not touch anyone.

I notice that we are driving slowly, because in front of about 6-7 cars a blue viburnum stood in front of us, and the man got out of it and walks around.

A couple of minutes later, three cars separate us from the blue viburnum, I notice that the man is without trousers, in the same family-type panties.

A minute later we are separated by one car. I see that the man is not only without pants, but also barefoot. And his behavior is so strange.

I see that the skin on his legs peeled off in places like rags.

If he sensed something was wrong, he left.

It's good that in freelance situations I have such a fucking feeling of cold fear that I always think quickly and clearly.

In general, in the next two minutes, the following was found out with the help of a Russian mat: (the man was in shock and had to shout at him with a three-story one so that he turned his attention to me)

- he got into a longer tube than me, which is why the stove in the cabin exploded on his blue miracle of the Rosavtoprom.

- Zhora (as he introduced himself) tried to call his son from a phone filled with antifreeze.

- Zhora's heart ached from excitement for his swallow.

- With Zhora rode another grandfather behind and two boxes of peaches, which did not suffer.

Stopping the cars, I managed to collect 5-6 liters of water from all and wash his feet. Washing the legs showed the affected area - 20-25 percent of all legs + a possible burn of the genitals.

Zhora said that he could not take off his panties, although it also burned badly in his panties. I had to pour water directly into my panties.

My 4-year-old navigator was ushered into the back seat, Zhora was loaded forward and we moved to the hospital.

Low bow to my wife, who walked in front of the car in a traffic jam and how Moses parted two streams, and we followed her in the center.

On the way, they informed the relatives, gave the coordinates of the car and the grandfather with the peaches, and said where we were taking the victim.

I flew in full sail, but carefully, after all, there were two children in the car.

The son consoled his uncle and said, “Be patient, grandfather! (Georgy is about fifty dollars) we are taking you to Aibolit. There they will sew new legs for you. " Georgy groaned, because he was shaking a little in the car, and the back of his thighs also suffered, and in places the skin was hanging with a rag.

We arrived at the hospital, and it turned out to be more difficult to get George out than to load him. The shock has already begun to recede and the pain intensified. I had to put it on the scraps.

In general, in this design, we tumbled into the reception area.

I immediately reported to the doctor the whole situation, and said that Georgiy had a bad heart.

The doctor (also a man with a capital letter) quickly sent him to the sisters for flushing and an urgent Corvalol or Valocordin - he didn't remember, but lastly he told me that I noticed well about the heart and they would try to prevent a heart attack, which also happened.

What is this story for.

Seven…. Seven!!!! passing and even more oncoming cars drove around a scalded man on the road with skin hanging in patches.

Nobody came out.

My conscience won't let me pass by. I only did what I had to do.

But I thought this:

That is, if it were not for me, how long would he have stood? Half an hour? How much would an ambulance make its way through this traffic jam?

And if I were in his place, would I have stood even longer?

Brothers drivers, let's be kind and responsive to someone else's misfortune.

We can get there ourselves.

P.S. Georgy's daughter turned out to be my former classmate. It's a small world.

When I left the hospital, leaving Georgy to my relatives there, Dad called me, and in a calm voice asked me not to travel like that again.

It turned out he saw how I cut through two solid and red. And I heard from his intonation how he wants to take me and whip me, and how hard it is for him to have a calm conversation. But after explaining the situation, I heard a sigh of relief, and additionally assured that in ordinary life I am quite a respectable driver.

Beaver everyone!