The cocoon lay motionless for a long time without changes. But then one day a small hole appeared in the cocoon. A passing person stopped and began to observe what would happen to the cocoon. The man stood for hours and watched the butterfly trying to get out through this small crack.

A long time passed, the butterfly seemed to have stopped its efforts, and the hole remained the same small. It seemed that the butterfly had done everything it could, and that it had no more strength for anything else. Then the man decided to help the butterfly: he took a penknife and cut the cocoon.

The butterfly came out at once. But her body was weak and feeble, her wings were undeveloped and barely moved. The man continued to observe, thinking that the butterfly's wings were about to spread out and get stronger, and it would be able to fly. None of this happened

For the rest of its life, the butterfly dragged its weak little body on the ground, its wings that were not spread. She was never able to fly. And all because the person, wanting to help her, did not understand that the effort to get out through the small hole in the cocoon is necessary for the butterfly. She needs to herself, having gathered all her strength, to grow, develop, get stronger, destroy the walls of the cocoon and fly

Sometimes it is effort that we need in life. If we were allowed to live without difficulties, we would be deprived. We couldn't be as strong as we are now. We could never fly ...