Why are we only bitten by female mosquitoes? (Interesting Facts)

Why do only female mosquitoes bite us? - interesting facts about annoying little animals) When you see a large mosquito, you should not be afraid of it, since it is a male, and it will not be able to harm a person. Another thing is small mosquitoes - females. It is the females that bite people and drink blood.

The mosquito weighs approximately 2 mg, and the flight speed is 3 km / h when the wings move at a frequency of 500 times per second. But then they hear the smell of sweat for three kilometers. The life span of a female mosquito is 43 days, a male mosquito 19 days.

The sound that we can hear from mosquitoes is nothing more than the attraction of males by the female. Males with their antennae catch vibrations emanating from the wings of females and form a swarm, where direct mating takes place. The female mosquitoes then lay approximately 600 eggs for three days.

Proboscis of a mosquito taken with an electron microscope:

The blood that mosquitoes drink from humans is used to make eggs. This is because there are enough proteins in human blood that are necessary for reproduction. The more blood the mosquito drinks, the more eggs will be laid. Unlike female mosquitoes, males feed exclusively on nectars.

Many people after a mosquito bite feel irritation at the site of the bite. The reason for this is a special substance that a mosquito gives off. It prevents blood clotting, which allows the female to drink blood without difficulty.