Interesting fact about speed decisions made in war

Interesting Fact about speed, decisions were made in the war. When analyzing World War II, American military historians discovered a very interesting fact. Namely, in a sudden clash with the Japanese forces, the Americans, as a rule, made decisions much faster and, as a result, won even the superior enemy forces.

Having studied this pattern, scientists came to the conclusion that the average word length for Americans is 5, 2 characters, while for the Japanese 10, 8, therefore, it takes 56% less time to issue orders, which plays an important role in a short battle. For the sake of "interest", they analyzed Russian speech and it turned out that the length of a word in Russian is 7, 2 characters per word (on average), however, in critical situations, the Russian-speaking command staff switches to profanity, and the word length is reduced to 3, 2 characters in word.

This is due to the fact that some phrases and even phrases are replaced with ONE word. For example, the phrase is given: "32nd order to immediately destroy the enemy tank, which is firing at our positions." - "32nd e @ not by that x @ yu")