There are people without fingerprints

There are people without fingerprints - an interesting fact about people who simply do not have fingerprints, but simply smooth skin without hollows, despite the fact that fingerprints are a unique feature of each person, according to the scientist, they are unique. But, about 2% of the world's population simply does not have such a distinctive feature as fingerprints. It is all due to the genetic anomaly of Adermatoglyphia, in which a section of the DNA chain undergoes mutation, which is responsible for the formation of such a pattern.

For the formation of fingerprints, the Smarcad protein must be encoded, but in the presence of this mutation, its encoding does not occur. Another distinguishing feature of such an anomaly and of the decoded protein is that no sweat is observed in places without prints, which is very interesting from a scientific point of view. At the moment, scientists are interested in whether the presence of such an anomaly in the development of DNA affects the formation of patterns on the feet and palms.

An interesting case happened in 2007 with a Swiss resident who could not cross the US border, although he had all the documents in order. The fault is that he simply had no fingerprints. After some research, it was found that this feature is characteristic of several more members of his family.