Who are women - a collection of cool facts

Who are women - a collection of cool facts about the actions of our beloved girls, we read, find out our own and let them read to laugh together)

Women are like children, almost immediately into tears and to their mother.

A woman - like Peter the First, wants to live in the capital, makes her beard shaved and dreams of going to Europe.

A woman is like a mortgage, for 30 years and 10 thousand a month.

A woman is like an inspector of the traffic police: she will say garbage, take away the money, spoil the mood, and you are also to blame.

A woman is like Fedor Konyukhov, dick knows where she wears her and who sponsors her.

A woman, as an embassy, ​​may not allow her friends to go to Thailand.

A woman is like chess, almost a step in the wrong direction, immediately checkmate.

The woman in the mall is like a minibus until you shout out - it won't stop.

A woman is like a theater, today is a comedy, tomorrow is a tragedy, and the day after tomorrow is a tour in another city.

A woman is like a favorite sweater, of course you love it very much, but why do you need it in Turkey?

A woman - like a teacher on an exam, she seemed to be preparing everything correctly, and she hoped you and caught you on some trifles.

Male Logic Bonus Rhyme:

The thin one will be cold in bed.

The fat woman barely walks through the door.

Merry will be a walker, And with sad sex once a month, and not more often.

With a cold you will earn a sore throat.

Hot - scratched back.

To be close to a leggy not with your hands, When she puts on heels.

The one that is smart will deceive without difficulty.

Living with a stupid person is also nonsense.

The beautiful one will easily go to another.

And the terrible one is a disgrace to the home.

So you have to, whatever one may say, LOOK ONLY AT THE SIZE OF HER BREAST!