The world's smallest firearm

World's smallest firearm: The C1ST revolver deserves a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's smallest fully functional firearm. The C1ST revolver is manufactured by the Swiss company Swiss Minigun, which ensures that the revolver, its ammunition and all related ammunition are manufactured with Swiss precision. The C1ST revolver is only 5.5 centimeters long. Its height is 3.5 centimeters, width is 1 centimeter, and weight is 19.8 grams. This tiny revolver fires the same tiny 2.34mm rounds, which, by the way, are as world record holders as the smallest ammunition in the world.

The small size of the cartridge and, as a result, the small powder charge, make the C1ST revolver the safest firearm. The bullet of the revolver moves in the barrel at a speed of 122 m / s and has an outward energy of 0.71 Joule. This means that if you shoot someone point-blank with this revolver, then this person can feel at most something like a needle prick.

Despite this safety, the C1ST revolver is still a firearm in all respects with all the ensuing consequences. The import of such revolvers is prohibited in some countries, for example, in the USA and Great Britain. And in some other countries, such a small size of the C1ST revolver does not allow it to be classified as a sporting weapon, which may entail some legal troubles for its owners.

Since 2005, Swiss Minigun has produced C1ST revolvers only in very small batches. Despite the fact that this weapon is considered to be the smallest, it is by no means cheap. A silver revolver with a wooden handle will cost $ 5.5 thousand, and a gold revolver with a handle inlaid with diamonds will cost around $ 20 thousand.