The fact about why the Dead Sea is so called?

A fact about why the Dead Sea is so called? - in this interesting article we will tell you exactly about this.

On the border between the two Middle East countries - Israel and Jordan, there is one of the most interesting places in the world - the Dead Sea.

It is no secret that this unique creation of nature attracts the views of a huge number of tourists all over the world. Most people want to swim in this sea and feel the water in which it is almost impossible to drown.

In addition to the sea itself, its name is no less interesting. After all, not everyone knows why it is called that.

Maybe not everyone knows, but the Dead Sea is the saltiest on the planet. Therefore, you can calmly lie down on the surface of the water, take a book and read without worrying that you will drown. The salt content in the Dead Sea reaches 330 ppm (1 kg of water contains 330 g of salt). For comparison, in the world's oceans salinity is on average 35 ppm, and in the Red Sea - the saltiest open sea (part of the world's oceans) this figure is 40 ppm. Due to this salt content, the density of water greatly increases and, following the laws of physics, a person is simply pushed to the surface.

In fact, the huge content of sodium chlorine contains the secret of the name of this sea, which this interesting article will tell you further. In such salty water, neither fish, nor shellfish, nor algae can exist. Once in the sea, they instantly die. Only a few types of bacteria and fungi are able to tolerate this salt content.

Now you know that this sea is practically a "killer". This is reflected in its Hebrew name - "Yam ha Maved", which is translated as "Sea-killer". Different peoples call it in their own way, namely: "sea of ​​salt", Sodom sea, asphalt sea.

You are probably wondering why is there so much salt in this sea? This interesting article also contains such information. In fact, everything is very simple. The Dead Sea is a closed body of water (not part of the ocean). Rivers and streams fill the sea, but water does not flow out of it anywhere. Thus, the water has no choice but to evaporate. But the salt does not evaporate; it accumulates in the sea. Since this process has been going on for many centuries, the sea has acquired features characteristic of it for the current time.

Many centuries before our birth, people already had sufficient knowledge about this reservoir and quite naturally called it - the Dead Sea. Only due to its considerable size, it was mistaken for the sea, being in fact a lake, and the impossibility of the existence of living beings in the water influenced the choice of the name.