Interesting facts about Stalin (Personality / Events / Dates)

Interesting facts about Stalin and his personality and events that happened and should have happened.

► Planned and organized in 1906-1907. robberies of banks in the Caucasus.

► Was arrested eight times, was in exile, made four escapes.

► Was accused of collaborating with the tsarist secret police, which has not yet been documented.

► Hated sex scenes in movies - it infuriated him.

► He loved to sing Russian folk songs during feasts.

► I loved reading - in the apartment, in the office, in the country there were huge libraries, mainly books on history, philosophy, Marxism, economics.

► Hated atheistic literature, called it “anti-religious waste paper”.

► He spoke Georgian, Russian, Ancient Greek, and also knew Church Slavonic well from the seminary. According to some researchers, he knew English and German, the notes he left in the books were in Hungarian and French. He understood Armenian and Ossetian languages. Trotsky asserted in an interview that "Stalin knows neither foreign languages, nor foreign life."

► He wrote documents, letters, and other papers extremely competently, which was noted by many witnesses.

► Due to a childhood injury to his hand, he was declared unfit for military service in 1916.

► I drank only Tsinandali and Teliani wines. Sometimes he drank brandy, did not drink vodka at all.

► Stalin was very fond of joking in everyday life. He loved to draw.

► Most of the recreation parks in the USSR were built at the initiative of Stalin.

► He did not support Lenin's famous April Theses (in particular, his idea of ​​transforming the bourgeois-democratic revolution into a socialist revolution), but rather quickly changed his mind and supported Ilyich on the issues of land, war and the socialist revolution.

► It was Stalin who was authorized to negotiate the surrender of the famous Kshesinskaya mansion, as well as negotiations with the soldiers and sailors of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

► During the first 10 years of his tenure at the top of the party, Stalin asked for resignation three times. True, these requests were often just another test of comrades.

► “It doesn’t matter how they voted, it’s important how they counted.” This is the phrase of Stalin, uttered by him at the elections of the general secretary of the party in 1934.

► At the 1945 Victory Parade, the wounded dog-mine detector Dzhulbars, on Stalin's orders, was carried across Red Square in his greatcoat.

► During the war, Vasily Stalin was nominated for the rank of general 12 times, but Stalin canceled the performance each time.

► The list of gifts given to him on his 70th birthday was published in newspapers from December 1949 to March 1953.

► Twice recognized by the American Times magazine as the person of the year. For the first time on January 1, 1940, for the fact that he "concluded a non-aggression pact with Hitler and started the Soviet-Finnish war, as a result of which he changed the balance of power in the world political arena." In January 1943, he was named “Person of the Year” by the same magazine again.

► On the day of Stalin's death, national mourning was declared in Israel.

► Until 2004, he was an honorary citizen of Budapest, until 2007 - of the city of Kosice (Slovakia) and is still an honorary citizen of the Czech city of Ceske Budejovice.

► In the former republics of the USSR and in Russia, there are still more than thirty streets named after Stalin.