Top 5 most dangerous resorts in the world 2012

Top 5 most dangerous resorts in the world in 2012 as many people prefer a seaside vacation, because it really is a vacation. When you lie in the sun and listen to the sound of waves, you can turn off your brains for a while, forget about everything and indulge in pleasure or sweet dreams. But some people like a different vacation. They love something that raises the blood, where they can experience adrenaline. And this is often very dangerous.

It is quite easy to get all these emotions now, since there are many countries where living conditions leave much to be desired, and if you choose one of them for a vacation, you can get many new and unexpected impressions.

If you're looking for a place to tickle your nerves, check out the list below.

1. Opens the list Libya

In Libya, there are still dilapidated ancient cities that attract tourists like a magnet. But this is, perhaps, the only plus, because in the country one can die both from an armed attack and from unsanitary conditions, and by the way from the terrible heat too. Unfortunately, military clashes have not stopped in this country for many years.

2. Brazil is in the second place of honor

Rio de Janeiro hosts a carnival every year, which is one of the brightest holidays in the world. In addition to this, Brazil has a large number of tropical beaches of extraordinary beauty that attract ocean lovers. The only thing that spoils the whole picture is that this country has a very high crime rate and therefore tourists are at great risk literally at every step. They can be either robbed or even killed.

3. South Africa is located in the center

To avoid adventures on your own head - you just need to not walk alone, but stick to tourist groups. In this country, the trouble is with the roads, or rather accidents on them. And if you are not lucky enough to wander into poor neighborhoods, then you can lose all your valuable things. And not even voluntarily and compulsorily, but with threats or even worse, with the use of weapons.

4. Penultimate - Republic of Haiti

This country pleases with a pleasant landscape for the human eye: sea, ocean, mountains, and is also famous for the abundance of seafood. However, carelessly contemplating the landscapes of Haiti and feasting on seafood may not work, because there is a risk of surviving an earthquake here or picking up cholera. And as usual, to be subjected to theft of local residents.

5. And completes the list Everest

From the course of geography, we know that Everest is the highest mountain peak on our Earth, which is 8848 meters. It is of interest to thousands of climbers. At night, the air temperature on Everest is about -60 degrees Celsius, and the wind speed can reach up to 200 kilometers per hour. Only 4000 people conquered the summit, and about 200 people died.