Interesting facts about China (10 facts)

Interesting facts about China - this is the name of a collection of facts that consists of 10 facts that are the most unusual of all.

1. Everything is produced in China, everywhere and always.

2. China is in second place in the world (after the United States) in terms of the nominal value of GDP.

3. Almost any international corporation has production and assembly workshops in China.

4. There are so-called "free economic zones", where production is almost tax-free.

5. Official seals are red here.

6. Hong Kong is already a part of China and its Special Autonomous Region.

7. In the Chinese language there is practically not a single word that you can catch on, as if you were familiar.

8. Google is not prohibited here. The Chinese segment of the Internet is practically isolated from the outside world.

9. Renting a three-room apartment costs RMB 1, 500 per month. 3kg pack of rice - 30 RMB.

10. Censorship. They may well be deported for discussing political issues.

And lastly, a few interesting pictures: