Horses are able to recognize each other by neighing

Scientists have discovered the fact that horses can recognize each other "by their voices", or, to be more precise, by their neigh. For this, a small experiment was carried out, for which twenty-four horses were selected from one herd. The essence of the experience was that they took one horse and showed her another, so that she visually saw and examined it well. Then the second horse was taken behind an opaque screen and the horse's neighing was recorded.

If it was not the sound of the horse just shown, then the first horse reacted more sharply: it looked at the screen in bewilderment and wondered how this could happen. If the “voice” corresponded to the horse, then the reaction was calmer and more understanding.

For horses, as well as for other animals, it is important to recognize not only visually their colleagues by herd or herd, pack, but also by voice. This is necessary to maintain hierarchical order in these small groups.