Light cars are more fuel efficient than dark cars

Light-colored cars are more economical than dark cars - this has been proven by studies carried out by American scientists from the Lawrence National Laboratory, which made it possible to draw a conclusion that the color of the car has a big impact on the efficiency. Cars painted in light tones consume less fuel and emit less harmful substances into the atmosphere.

In the framework of the experiment, two identical sedans of Honda Civis were taken, one of which was silver and the other black. Both cars were equipped with numerous sensors, which made it possible to measure the temperature on the roof and inside the car. We also checked the efficiency of the air conditioners, and measured the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gases.

Cars left in the sun on all positions showed different results. The roof of the silver car heated up much less, and in its interior it was 5-6 degrees cooler than the inside of the black one. Therefore, the air conditioner of the light car for cooling took less energy from the engine, and this difference was 13%. It leads to fuel savings of 0, 12 liters / 100 km, and emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other dirty gases from the light machine are less by 0, 8%.