Longest bus made in Germany

The longest bus made in Germany is a new vehicle for the transport of passengers, built at the Fraungofer Institute in Germany. A distinctive feature of the "tram" is its record size. The height of this vehicle is 3.5 meters, the width is 2.5 meters, and the length is a record 30 meters. Capacity - 256 people. These technical data make it possible to boldly name the vehicle for transporting passengers as the longest bus in the world.

A hybrid installation is installed in the engine compartment of this bus, capable of operating like a conventional internal combustion engine, as well as an electric motor. Driving this vehicle is practically no different from driving standard buses, so any bus driver will be able to cross the wheel of the "car" without any problems. At the present moment in the suburbs of Dresden road trials are coming to an end, and already in two or three months the longest bus in the world can appear on the city streets.