Dental fillings were placed on people as early as 6.5 thousand years ago

Dental fillings were placed on people six and a half thousand years ago. Such a conclusion was received after a sensational discovery made by scientists from Italy and Australia, dentists can confidently assert that their profession belongs to the most ancient ones on Earth. Researchers found a dental seal, which was installed 6, 5 thousand years ago. It was made of beeswax and represented as an attachment on a broken tooth.

As often happens, this discovery was made absolutely by chance. The Italian scientist Cladio Tunitz was going to test the new X-ray equipment and for the experiment he took from the museum of the city of Trieste the lower jaw found at the beginning of the last century at the Slovenia territory. During the work, the scientists paid attention to the vertical crack in the tooth and made a three-dimensional image of this area. Traces of foreign matter were found in the cavity, and analysis revealed that it was beeswax. After the carried out radiocarbon test, the age of the oldest seal on the Earth was determined, and it turned out that it was installed 6, 5 thousand years ago.

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