The fattest cat in the world weighs as much as a four-year-old

American cat named SpongeBob, nine years old, living in one of the US catteries, is famous for having a good appetite and therefore is ready to eat delicious food all day long. It is not surprising that the weight of the lazybones was constantly growing and reached a record high.

To register such a record, representatives of the famous book had to be called. They, not without surprise, recorded that the weight of the cat is fifteen kilograms and confirmed that there are no more cats heavier than SpongeBob on Earth. After fixing the record, the cat was put on a rigid diet designed for his own good, and also placed in a spacious cage so that he could move more and more often.

But fifteen kilograms is not the limit yet. Earlier in Australia lived a giant named Little Himmy, whose weight was twenty-one kilograms three hundred grams.