Why does iron rust? (Interesting fact)

Even children know from an early age that iron is a very strong material. But why, then, have so few iron products survived from ancient times? So, imagine any object made of iron and how rain falls on it. The droplets will be transparent and they will not last long on the surface of the object, because oxygen is connected and, interacting with iron, forms rust inside the droplet.

The clear water will turn into a cloudy, reddish hue. Small particles of rust can be seen floating inside. After complete evaporation of moisture, a reddish-red trace will remain on the subject.

After its appearance, even in dry air, its growth will continue. And all because the original spot from the air will absorb moisture - to attract and hold in the ceb. It is better to prevent rust immediately, otherwise it will be very difficult to do it later. For protection, metals are usually coated with special paints or compounds.

It is for this reason that practically no iron remains are found - they all rust and decompose.

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