Why should a cat enter the house first?

Since ancient times, cats have been considered the keepers of the hearth and believed that they have a magical nature. The cat used to be often walled up in the wall of a new house to protect the home from demons. But then people grew wiser and simply began to let this animal into the new house first.

On the inner level, animals feel unfavorable places and try to avoid them, therefore, people used to be sensitive to the reaction of animals before building a house in a certain place. But with a cat, everything happened differently - where the fluffy creature settles down, a person cannot sleep there. Later, physicists found out that cats find places with negative energy and neutralize them.

Why can cats easily find negative energy? Because their biofield is negatively charged and they are able to find the energy of their polarity quite quickly. And we also know from the school, which in the end gives two minuses. Even in Feng Shui, cats are useful, as they supposedly disperse the Qi energy in the corners of the dwelling. The more the owners love the cat, the more it benefits them and works as a living amulet.

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