Why can't you eat raw meat? (Interesting Facts)

Why can't you eat raw meat? - in this article you will receive an answer to the question and learn a couple of interesting facts. In Russia, dishes made from underfried or raw meat have somehow never been in use. This custom came from Western countries, where they like underfried steaks with blood. But the main question remains, will they not undermine the health of the Russian person? Is it really possible to eat it?

Doctors say that because of such food, most people end up in gastroenterologists or on operating tables. And this, as it turned out, is not the worst consequence. Due to raw meat, echinococcus develops in the human body. Previously, it was believed that this parasite from the category of tapeworms can be found only in stray animals, but later it turned out that this is not the case.

In humans, this filth lives in the bones. The deliverance is very expensive and time-consuming. You can also catch worms from such meat. They can form both in the stomach and in the liver. It is better to fry and cook meat to the end and be careful when tasting unknown dishes.