Who was the first to use screw threads in everyday life?

The inventor of the screw thread was Archytas of Tarentum (4th-5th century BC), which indicates that its use dates back to ancient times. Later, to move liquids, Archimedes also began to use screw threads. But to use this type of carving in everyday life was out of the question. Found it around the Middle Ages.

For more than thirty years, archaeologists have been exploring the places where the Mayan Indians lived - the jungle in the north of Guatemala. They discovered a tomb that is about one and a half thousand years old. Since the place is quite remote, what was contained in the tomb remained untouched and not plundered.

The tomb was kept in an underground chamber, the walls of which were made of limestone and covered with hieroglyphics, which was characteristic of this tribe. By studying the drawings, experts realized that the burial took place between 450 and 500 AD.

There was found a male skeleton with various objects, where there was a pot of ceramics, also covered with hieroglyphs. Perhaps some information about the rulers of the tribe is encrypted there.

The lid of this pot was held in place with a screw thread. Before that, nothing of the kind was found and it can be assumed that the Maya were the first to come up with the use of this type of carving on the farm.

Yes, and just in general, it is difficult to imagine any construction site without screws and fasteners, since it will not work out either to hang dome hoods or assemble furniture ...