When did the mass production of elevators start?

When elevators first appeared, people rarely used them, because they were terribly afraid of them, not completely sure of their reliability. After all, if one of the cables breaks, then trouble cannot be avoided. But soon a talented engineer was found who was able to change public perceptions about this useful and extremely necessary miracle of technology in high-rise buildings, like an elevator, after which he laid the foundation for its mass use.

An American named E. Otis invented the elevator. But his likeness already existed before him. Otis only invented such a device that automatically stopped the cab if the cables lifting and lowering it suddenly broke off.

Before Otis, people did not want to use the elevator, so the latter were very unpopular for residents who bought apartments in a new building. But progress helped the elevator to penetrate into human life in the construction of high-rise buildings. After the exhibition in 1854 (New York), the popularity of elevators began to gain momentum not only in the United States, but also abroad.