When did the beads appear? (Fact of origin)

When did the beads appear? - a fact of origin, since it was previously believed that beads are an element of magic. For example, carnelian beads had a pacifying effect and healed the heart, agate beads kept the health of their owner until old age, pearl beads protected the teeth. Emerald had a good effect on the nerves, concentrated attention, turquoise beads strengthened eyesight and healed wounds, healed sprains and fractures, ruby ​​beads stopped bleeding, because it was believed that this stone is born from blood.

The most ancient shell beads were found in Israel - they are about a hundred thousand years old. Historians have counted about one hundred and fifty different types of this decoration, which were found during excavations. The first glass bead, which is considered the oldest, was found in Egypt.

Many could give everything they had for beads. For the sake of this decoration, nothing was spared. Sailors from Europe exchanged glass beads for gold from natives from Africa. The Americans bought Manhattan Island from the Indians for colored glass beads.

At first, glass beads of extraordinary beauty and quality were produced in Damascus, and after its fall, Venice took this position.

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