Who on earth doesn't drink water? (Interesting fact)

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All organisms of living nature need water, the lack of which leads to death, and very painful. Without food, a person is able to live for several weeks, but without water, he is unlikely to survive for several days.

Most of all, sailors suffer from thirst when, after a storm or storm, they lose all the fresh water they had stored in advance. Salt water should not be drunk for several reasons: there is no sense in this - you want to drink even more after it, it is also dangerous - the mind becomes cloudy from an excess of salt in the body. But when there is so much sea water around, the temptation is very great.

Surprisingly, the east coast of Florida has a bowl-like depression on the seabed that is completely filled with fresh water. It is formed from a source beating from the bottom at a depth of forty meters. Sailors are aware of this and often replenish their supplies there.

Interestingly, there is an animal that never drinks - this is a rodent of the kangaroo rat breed. Or simply the American jerboa. Such a rodent lives in the Arizona desert and there are dry herbs and seeds. The water that he gets from food is enough for him.