Diet of wolves (Interesting facts)

Wolves are famous for the fact that one of the she-wolves nursed Romulus, and this fact served as the foundation of Rome, wolves are always considered mythical werewolves. The reputation of these animals is bloodthirsty.

These animals are cannibals and never miss a chance to eat. The old or the sick are especially often eaten by the flock, because they become a burden.

Wolves in the tropics weigh more than those in the north. There were cases when wolves weighed one hundred kilograms.

Wolves love to eat dog meat. At one time, stray dogs served as the main food for wolves in Russia.

And wolves also do not disdain human meat. In the midst of the European plague, wolves devoured the dead faster than they were buried in the ground. After this dense diet of human flesh, the wolves included this meat in their diet.

Wolves are practically omnivorous, more often they eat live prey, because they do not have natural weapons to kill it. They just tear her apart with the whole flock.

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