The strangest incidents related to the Bible

The Bible - the world's main book sometimes becomes the cause of various situations, more often funny ones. Here is some of them.

One American company AMWAY decided to conquer a sunny spot and accused rival Procter & Gamble of worshiping Satan. The rumor went due to the fact that the logo of the latter depicted a young month with a man's face, and surrounded by thirteen stars.

The accusers referred to the Bible, where in the Revelation of John the Theologian 12.1 it is written that a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun; the moon is under her feet, and a crown on her head of twelve stars. " How this is related to Satan is not clear, so the court forced AMWAY to pay a fine for libel.

And in 1632, during the reprint, the publishing house did not put a negative particle in front of "commit adultery", for which this publishing house was closed and forced to pay a large fine.

About three thousand people consider the Earth to be flat. This is because in the nineteenth century an Englishman named Samuel Rowbotham wrote a book based on biblical writings in which he found unreliable information for his theory.

The expression "I wash my hands" also came from the Bible. Pontius Pilate could not prevent the execution of Jesus, so he dipped his hands into a bowl of water and said that he was not guilty of the blood of this righteous man, which means renunciation of the cause.

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