Blue stimulates the brain

At the end of 2013, well-known scientists and specialists from the Swiss University of Mitt conducted a not quite standard experiment, on the basis of which they found out the effective effect of blue on the stimulation areas of the entire human brain.

The experiment itself was carried out among two groups of volunteers according to a pre-designed model. So the first group of several people a few minutes before the start of the experiment drank a cup of strong brewed coffee to activate their brain activity, and the second group, placed in a room with pre-painted blue walls.

After a certain time, the experimental people in the groups were forced to complete the initially prepared tasks in the form of tests in order to reveal their thought processes. As a result, the experiment showed that the group of people in the blue room coped with the assigned tasks much better than those who drank coffee.

Thus, it was determined that the blue color became effective stimulants of work activity, the entire cortex of the human brain is much better than standard stimulants known to mankind, although the scientists themselves could not explain such a phenomenon, and continued to study this phenomenon.

Therefore, when choosing clothes on the site, you can use this fact to stimulate both yourself and the surrounding workers to work)