Interesting facts about the Internet

Every modern person uses the World Wide Web without even knowing who, when and how created it, as well as how long it will “live”.

Who created the internet

There is no definite answer. The Internet was created by thousands of people, and the idea of ​​packet communication belongs to Donald Watt Davis and Paul Baran. After all, one person is not capable of creating such a large-scale project.

Internet launch for the first time

In 1991, based on the developments of the European "World Wide Web" project, the United States launched a project that was codenamed "Internet". In this year, the Internet, familiar to us, began to exist.

Internet host

The Internet simply does not have a director, due to the fact that it contains a huge amount of information and various independent projects. The Internet connects many networks around the world, there is no main center - no leadership, the Internet is independent.

Is there a limit to the Internet

Yes, unfortunately - there is. After all, the Internet is also not "rubber" and in the future will not be able to cope with a large amount of traffic (it increases 2 times a year) with the throughput of fiber-optic cables 3, 9 Bps. IP addresses also have a limit, although this problem is being solved by introducing new protocols and standards.

The Internet unites people all over the world, and the number of people is growing, and with it the traffic, the Internet is not endless - this is a fact!

Almost all commerce is gradually moving to the Internet, creating email marketing and various commercial projects that quickly pay off and improve.