98 interesting facts about the human body

98 interesting facts about the human body - it should be interesting to read.

01 You cannot sneeze with your eyes open.

02 You have as many bacteria in your mouth as there are people on planet Earth. And maybe even more!

03 Your hair can support the weight of an apple. Scientists do not specify the size of the apple.

04 Your tongue imprint is absolutely unique, keep this in mind when showing it to bad people!

05 By the way, it is the tongue that is the strongest muscle in your body. Not what you proudly thought.

06 The lining of your stomach is renewed every three days.

07 You have read a three-hundred-page book, which means that your eyes have covered the distance of 1 km!

08 You are always taller in the morning than in the evening - because the spine contracts when walking under the weight of the body, and at night it straightens.

09 There is so much acid in your digestive system that you can easily digest an iron nail with it. True, we do not recommend experimenting - just take our word for it!

010 If you stop shaving, you will grow a 9-meter beard.

011 You take about 23 thousand breaths during the day.

012 Your brain gets lighter every year - as you age.

013 The average time during which a person falls asleep is 7 minutes.

014 The liver decomposes alcohol most actively between 6 pm and 8 pm.

015 There are not four, but twenty-nine blood groups. The rarest of these belongs to the Bombay subgroup - it is found in a group of families in Japan.

016 Most of your brain is made up of water.

017 Boys have much fewer taste buds on the tongue than girls. Therefore, we pour ketchup and mayonnaise on everything - and we shouldn't be offended by that.

018 You have at least seven dreams during the night.

019 Your hair (the one on the head) can live from 4 to 6 years.

020 Your ears - like most people - grow at an uncanny rate throughout your life - a quarter of a millimeter a year.

021 The ejaculate of a healthy man contains about 200 million sperm

022 Half the volume of your ... uh ... feces is bacteria.

023 You produce about a liter of saliva every day.

024 Some of their scientists believe that the saliva that you have developed during your life can fill two pools. And the saliva of these scientists, of course, too!

025 The nails on your hands grow four times faster than on your own feet.

026 In one day, your blood covers the distance of 19, 312 kilometers

027 Every 20th person has an extra rib.

028 During the day, you release about a liter of gas, and in two variations - by belching or using a fart. Everything is scientific with us!

029 All your skin weighs about three kilograms. Don't ask how scientists know about this!

030 When you kiss your girlfriend, you have much more chances of contracting something nasty than during friendly kisses with your beloved dog. The dog has fewer dangerous bacteria in its mouth. But kissing a girl is more pleasant!

031 White plaque on the tongue that you see in the morning - cells that have died during the night.

033 Your heart is about the size of your fist.

034 The speed of messages that enter your brain is 360 km / h!

035 It takes your eyes about an hour to get used to the dark. After that, the eyes become a hundred thousand times more sensitive to light.

036 Your girlfriend blinks twice as often as you. 037 If you collect all the eyelashes that you have lost in your life and put them in a chain, it will be at least thirty meters.

037 Your heart beats 35 million times a year

038 There are many more minerals, zinc and copper in the hair of smart people than in the hair of fools.

039 Every day you lose two billion skin cells, every year you lose 2 kilograms. And mom is still wondering why you have lost so much weight!

040 Blinking takes about five years of life. Fortunately, there are many other things you can do while blinking.

041 The ability of a person to eat inedible objects, such as swords, stones, spoons, etc., is called polyphagia. Small objects leave the body along with feces, and large ones remain until they begin to bother the owner.

042 True sword swallowers actually swallow swords - this is proved by X-rays. The length of the sword is about 62 cm.

043 Scientists warn that most weight loss diets can shorten your life by several years, but you can very easily lose weight by having pets in your body - worms.

044 Are you fond of fasting? It's a good thing, but do not starve for more than one day - otherwise you will provide yourself with permanent headaches, weakness and lethargy. In addition, fasting is bad for diabetics and heart patients.

045 You can distinguish up to 10 million different colors. You just don't want to memorize all these names.

046 World record for holding the breath - 7.5 minutes. Most people are able not to breathe for just a minute.

047 Ancient Egyptian aesculapians used pelican droppings and hippopotamus urine to treat sick patients, and ancient Greek doctors made syringes from animal bladders and bird feathers.

048 If you have nightmares at night, you may be cold in your sleep. Scientific fact - the colder it is in the bedroom, the more likely you are to have a bad dream.

049 Once you were a simple cage - at the very beginning of your mother's pregnancy. The cellular existence lasted for about 30 minutes. And then all these traffic jams, problems, taxes began ...

050 When you sneeze, all processes in your body stop for a second.

051 During the day, you excrete about a liter of bile.

052 You can stay awake for ten days - then nothing good will happen. A person who is deprived of sleep for a long time suffers from hallucinations and seizures, after which he dies in agony. So it goes.

053 Your stomach can hold about four liters of partially digested food.

054 Believe it or not, the spider webs do stop bleeding. It is a pity that she is not always there.

055 Your intestines are 9 meters long. That's what you need to measure!

056 Approximately ten percent of the world's population is left-handed.

057 Left-handed boys are 1.5 times more likely to be left-handed girls.

058 If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, then in a year you drink about half a cup of tar.

059 The length of hair that you can theoretically grow in a lifetime is 725 km.

060 When you smile, 17 muscles of your face work at once. When crying - 43. Don't cry! And then you will be pumped.

061 You were born without knee caps - like all babies. Cups appear only by 2–6 years of age.

062 There are 100, 000 chemical reactions in your brain per second.

063 Each finger bends about 25 million times throughout its life.

064 The speed of your sneeze is 161 km / h.

065 Your heart weighs 220-260 g.

066 Your brain generates significantly more electrical impulses during the day than all phones in the world.

067 You have 2 million sweat glands. 0

68 For every liter of sweat, you lose 540 calories.

069 In general, men sweat 40% more than women.

070 Do you have blue eyes? This means that you are more sensitive to pain than those who are not blue.

071 Your body contains four minerals - apatite, calcite, aragonite and cristobalite.

072 Bumping your head against a wall loses approximately 150 calories per hour. Here it is - the most reliable way to lose weight!

073 One square centimeter of your skin accommodates about a hundred pain points.

074 Bumping your head against a wall loses approximately 150 calories per hour. Here it is - the most reliable way to lose weight!

075 99% of all calcium in the body is found in the teeth.

076 The hardness of your tooth enamel can be compared to quartz.

077 During the day, your body can generate as much heat as is enough to bring 30 liters of cold water to a boil. And let them turn off the hot water as much as they want!

078 You spend twenty years out of sixty in a dream. Life is a dream!

079 Your hair is 5, 000 times thicker than the walls of a soap bubble and 20 times thicker than cobwebs.

080 Your fingerprints were formed at the 3rd month of development, in the womb.

081 Your navel is scientifically called umbilicus. An excellent nickname for a cat, by the way. We give.

082 Your fat is enough for seven bars of soap. Least. Plus we can also heat water! Just a bath and laundry complex of some kind.

083 Among the various phobias that our contemporaries suffer, papaphobia (fear of the Pope) and parthenophobia (fear of virgins) are regularly encountered. We don't even know which is worse!

084 There are about 80, 000 genes in your DNA.

085 The total length of the nerves in our body is 75 km.

086 Overweight women have smart children. So forbid your friend to bang her head against the wall!

088 The most common food allergy in the world is cow's milk allergy.

089 Tropical malaria killed half of humanity.

090 Laughter reduces allergic reactions. It's a pity that when we have allergies, we are usually not laughing!

091 The stomach uses hydrochloric acid to digest food.

092 Your ears and nose grow throughout your life.

093 The skin on your eyelids is 0.5 mm thick as hair.

094 You remember events seven times faster than they actually happened.

095 Your body contains as much chlorine as is enough to disinfect five pools (two of which appear to be filled with your own saliva).

096 Ear temperature is always lower than body temperature by 1, 5-2 degrees.

097 The growth of your nails and hair is most active from 16 to 18-00.

098 5 mm per minute - maximum sperm velocity.