Super heavy tank Ratte ("Rat")

Tank "Ratte / Rat" was supposed to weigh up to 1000 tons. The number of the crew was 21..36 people. It is also worth noting that the tank was very large. The tank was 35 meters long, 14 meters wide and 11 meters high. The armor of the tank reached 250 mm. It was also assumed that the tank will have a garage that can house two BMW R12 reconnaissance motorcycles, several storage rooms and a bathroom.

The main armament of the tank was two 283-mm SKC / 34 naval cannons mounted in a rotating turret located in the front of the hull. Historians do not agree on the location of the 128-mm KwK 44 L / 55 cannon: according to one version, one 128-mm gun was installed, in addition to two 283-mm guns, in the main turret, according to another version there were two more turrets in the rear of the tank, in which housed one 128-mm gun. In the bow of the tank there were two 15-mm MG 151/15 machine guns. Also, the tank was equipped with eight 20-mm FlaK 38 anti-aircraft guns.

The tank was supposed to be equipped with eight 22-cylinder Daimler-Benz MB501 marine engines, 2000 hp, or two 24-cylinder MAN V12Z32 / 44 marine engines, 8400 hp. It should also be noted that both of these engines were installed on German submarines. The tank's power reserve was supposed to be about 190 kilometers, and the speed was up to 40 km / h, which is very unlikely.