Trouble-shooter profession: problem solver

Did you know that there is such a profession - trouble-shooter. The essence of their work is that they fly around the world and solve problems of people. Any problems, any people. Usually - large corporations, less often individuals.

There are no more than 100 people in this profession in the world. Some pay as much as $ 100, 000 an hour, and the schedule is planned months in advance.

Trouble shooters have the main thing - their business reputation. Customers literally pass them from hand to hand, hiding them from their competitors. They have only one advertisement - one hundred percent result. The error is excluded.

In order to understand the essence of their work better, I will give a couple of examples of how troublesome shooters work.

There were two large firms in America that published monthly “yellow pages” directories. The market was cramped for them, black PR, dumping, and enticing workers from each other were used.

Nothing helped, they went head to head.

Usually, all office workers bought two dollar reference books at once, not really thinking about which is better or which is worse. By the way, both reference books contained the same information. So one of these firms invited a trouble-shooter

He delved into the situation, thought about it and said:

-Next month, publish a directory of a smaller format, and in order to have the same amount of information, it must be small, but plump.

I got my fee and left, and a rival firm went bankrupt after two months ...

-What's the catch?

- And the fact is that when the directories were of the same format, they hung out on office tables like maps, but when one directory is large and flat, and the second is small, but plump, then in any case you put a small one on top of a large one ...

And at the end of the month you will understand that they used only the top one, and the big one was never opened in a month. So why would you spend a dollar on it if the little one has everything?

Second example.

At Nike's headquarters, 1, 000 people devoted themselves to an impossible task.

A trouble-shooter is invited, the problem is described:

We started making sneakers in some of the poorest countries in Africa. They counted everything in advance, built factories, trained personnel, the cost should be low, but then they faced an unexpected problem: local workers of our factories mercilessly steal finished products. Entire villages, young and old, wear sneakers for a price comparable to their annual income ...

We tried hiring more local guards, but it only got worse - the guards and their families love sneakers too ...

If you get security from the States, then the cost will generally go off scale.

Trouble-shooter: -What do you want from me?

Nike: - Think of how to make sure that thefts are reduced to zero, without spending money on the protection of factories.

Trouble-shooter, of course, did not understand anything about shoe production technology, but unlike 1000 top managers who did, he knew how to look at any problem from a completely different angle. He sat alone for a while in a cool, dark room and gave the answer:

- You need to produce separate left and right sneakers in different countries.