Interesting facts about expensive metals

If you think the most expensive metals are gold and platinum, then you are wrong!

The most expensive metals are californium and osmium. The cost of one gram of californium ranges from 6, 5 to 10 million dollars, because there are no more than 10 grams of this metal on the planet! Osmium is much cheaper - 10 thousand dollars per gram. Another thing is the isotope of osmium-187. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is estimated at 200 thousand dollars! Some more interesting facts about these metals:

1. Californium does not exist in the environment and is mined only by laboratory.

2. Today, there are only two reactors capable of producing californium in the world - in the USA and in Russia. Together, they are capable of producing only 80 micrograms of California in a year.

3. California bombs are the most powerful in the world (1 gram of California-252 is about 3 trillion neutrons per second - an hourly activity of a small nuclear reactor).

4. Californium is used for emergency treatment of advanced cancer.

5. Osmium is the densest metal in the world with a very high melting point. If you fill a half-liter bottle with osmium, it will be heavier than a bucket of water.

6. The name comes from the ancient Greek ὀσμή (smell) due to the pungent smell of osmium oxide OsO4., Reminiscent of a mixture of chlorine and garlic.

7. The extraction of osmium in nature is a very complex process that takes almost a year.

8. Osmium is found in meteorites.

9. Due to its exceptional hardness and refractoriness, osmium is used as a coating in friction units.

10. An alloy of platinum (90%) and osmium (10%) is used in surgical implants such as pacemakers.

11. And if ordinary osmium has found its field of application, then the expensive isotope osmium-187 is so far only an investment.