Interesting facts about girls with a smile and more

Interesting facts about girls with a smile and more. Forewarned is forearmed! I figured it out myself, tell your friends)

Well, let's start:

1. Do not hesitate, your girlfriend told her friends what you have and how you are in bed.

2. All girls believe that their exes secretly dream of them and want to return.

3. Guys, a girl constantly evaluates us for "masculinity". They subconsciously notice all the nuances (gait, look, actions). Therefore, do not be surprised that after a small mistake, she will be disappointed in you.

4. If you decide to live with a girl, remember that all the comfortable and large shelves will eventually be occupied by her things, and you will be left with a small corner on the far shelf.

5. The female brain is more inclined to multitasking than the male.

6. A girlfriend's new clothes are a clear sign that your girlfriend will spend half of her and her savings on new clothes next weekend.

7. "You are a very nice guy ..." - this means that she does not consider you as a man, and now she will add "... but let's stay friends"

8. Girls who say they believe in friendship between a man and a woman will always consider all their boyfriend's girl friends to be real rivals.

9. Girls never throw things from the side. If they want to throw something, they swing from behind their heads.

10. And a few more contrasts

- girls walk on their toes on the hot sand, and men on their heels;

- yawning men cover their mouths with their fists, and girls with their palm;

- men like it when their hands are free, and girls like to carry something in their hands (handbag, flower, mobile);

- if asked to show hands, the man will show his hands with palms up, and the girl down;

- girls blink about twice as often as men.

11. It has been proven that a woman enjoys talking and her speech is three times richer than a man's.

12. If a girl is interested in your ex, favorite football players, where you lived, what you love, dates of birth of your relatives, former pets, most likely she is trying to find a password to your mail or social page. networks.

13. The girl instinctively flirts with your friends to amuse herself and make you jealous.

14. The girl on the first date does not pay attention to the lack of money or unshaven, but will not forgive your lack of imagination.

15. All girls have a "reserve guy" who is used as a vest.

16. They are not against football, computers, friends, beer - she is against the fact that you spend your time on them, and not on her.

17. Think, all these clothes, panties, make-up, tanning salons, for us, for men. They are clearly comfortable in sweatpants and old week-old shorts.

18. If you have a girlfriend, I assure you, she visits your VK page more often than you do.

19. Girls, so fragile, ha ... They are constantly looking for a way to pry you or beat you in something.

20. If you asked a girl out on a date by 8 pm, know that she started getting ready at 4. Oh yes, I forgot to warn you. She will be late at the same time.

21. A beautiful box, bows, trinkets often attract girls more than the contents of the gift box.

22. If a girl wants something, or is persistently required, then agree. Most likely tomorrow she will forget about it. In the worst case, in a week.

23. They would rather believe the results of an online test for girls or a horoscope than that this girl next to you is just a friend. Here are the online tests for girls, take it and believe.

24. Girls buy clothes one size smaller as an incentive to lose weight.

25. A girl may be offended just because it seemed to her that your intonation was negative or dissatisfied.